Lamentations – A Study in Sorrow and Hope

By: Bryan Wheeler Scripture: Lamentations Series: A Simple Survey of The Bible
For forty years Jeremiah preached that God was going to judge His people—and in 586 B.C. judgment came in the form of Babylonian army… God’s judgment broke Jeremiah’s heart… One writer describes the book of Lamentations as the expression of a world of “anguish forced through the channel of a single human heart.” In Chapter 3 we are given two radically different perspectives… (1st) Perspective of OUR PROBLEMS (v.1-20) – focusing on our circumstances and problems always leads to hopelessness – 3:1, 5-11… (2nd) Perspective of OUR GOD (3:21-25) – focusing on God always leads to hope… 3:26-27 … HOPE is the ongoing exercise of faith – that keeps on trusting and obeying God no matter how great or how many the difficulties, obstacles, or the opposition we may face… reason—we are convinced that God is faithful! HOPE is today’s faith that patiently endures today’s trials and troubles—eagerly looking forward to what God will do with us and for us in the days to come.

Bryan Wheeler