Problems With Election and Predestination #1

By: Bryan Wheeler Scripture: Matthew 20:13-16; Romans 9:13-23 Series: 1689 Confession of Faith
Election and Predestination – Problems 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith – Chapter 3 – God’s Decree This Doesn’t Seem Fair? – we need to remember that salvation is NOT a matter of fairness (what we deserve)… it’s always a matter of mercy (Rom 9:13-23; Mt 20:13-16). C.H. Spurgeon, Election And Holiness (vol.6, #303) – ‘But passing by the greater, he chose the less, that he might show forth his sovereignty, which is the brightest jewel in the crown of his divinity. Our Arminian antagonists always leave the fallen angels out of the question: for it is not convenient to them to recollect this ancient instance of Election. They call it unjust, that God should choose one man and not another. By what reasoning can this be unjust when they will admit that it was righteous enough in God to choose one race — the race of men, and leave another race — the race of angels, to be sunk into misery on account of sin. Brethren, let us have done with arraigning God at our poor fallible judgment seat. He is good and doeth righteousness. Whatever he doth we may know to be right, whether we can see the righteousness or no…

Bryan Wheeler