Unity With Diversity

By: Bryan Wheeler Scripture: Ephesians 4:7-10 Series: Study in Ephesians
Some of you might be thinking, ‘If we’re ever going to have real unity in the Church, we have to get rid of all our differences.’ Actually, the opposite is true—DIVERSITY contributes to, and promotes real unity – the greater the diversity, the more potentially attractive and glorifying to God—our unity is going to be. God’s design for the Church is that we worship, fellowship, cooperate, and interact together in unity—but the means by which He makes our unity more beautiful and more glorious is through, what might be called a ‘gracious diversity’ (v.7). 1st – What makes us all different? – GRACE! – God giving us what we don’t deserve. 2nd – WHO makes us different? – the Lord Jesus Christ 3rd – HOW does He make us different? (v.7-8) – by giving us spiritual GIFTS…

Bryan Wheeler