Becoming a Member

We encourage all believers of the Lord Jesus Christ to be in community with God’s people in a local church.  For those who wish to become part of EBC, we have a process in place by which people can join our membership.  For those who wish to become members of EBC, we require that they, in good conscience, embrace our church constitution, communicate substantial agreement with our confessional statements, and sign our church covenant.  

Our elders will also have meetings with the individual and talk over their faith in Jesus, church membership, and the confession.  The potential member will be asked to give a personal testimony.  The final step is for the elders to recommend the individual to the congregation for church membership.  After several weeks, the congregation is given the opportunity to publicly affirm the new member by a congregational vote.

If you are interested in pursuing membership, please go to the EBC Membership Application page and submit the form.

Click to view the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith

Click to view the EBC Church Covenant